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Coffee is Both Popular and Good for Your Health

Did you have a cup of coffee this morning? If so, you were in good company.  According to the National Coffee Association’s annual study, 83% of Americans drink coffee, and 63% of them drink it daily. The survey also reported that consumption of traditional coffee is coffee is good for youdecreasing as more people choose espresso-based drinks. Single cup brewers (for example, Keurig K-cups) are also growing in popularity. K­-cups now account for 25% of ground coffee sales in the United States, and approximately 16 million households owned the brewing machines by the end of 2013.

Medical research is also starting to show that coffee may actually be good for your health. Why the reversal? According to the Mayo Clinic, earlier studies did not consider that other high-risk behaviors, such as smoking and physical inactivity, used to be more prevalent in populations that consumed a lot of coffee.

According to a recent Harvard study, for most people, consuming up to six 8-ounce cups of coffee daily is a healthy, low-calorie choice, as long as the caffeine does not interfere with sleep. (Pregnant women and those with high blood pressure are still cautioned to avoid caffeine.) It is important to note that the 8-ounce cup of regular coffee referred to in the study contains 100 mg of caffeine, but a grande coffee at Starbucks has 330 mg of caffeine—so portion size is important.  Furthermore, the health studies only looked at the benefits of drinking black coffee. Adding whole milk and sugar adds significant fat and calories, which can change the impact of the coffee on a person’s diet. The Harvard researchers found that for people with high cholesterol,  it was better to drink coffee brewed with a paper filter. The paper filter helps remove a substance in coffee called cafestol that can increase a person’s cholesterol level.

According to newer research, drinking coffee may help prevent Parkinson’s disease, type 2 diabetes, and liver disease, including liver cancer. Coffee may also improve cognitive function and decrease the risk of depression.  For most people, that’s enough reason to refill their morning cups.




Affiliate Profile: CC Vending, Inc.

CC Vending, Inc. services New York City and the surrounding counties, including Long Island, Northern New Jersey, and Lower Connecticut.  Founded in 1989, it is one of the original members of USConnect and was a VMI member prior to that. We chatted with Tim top-header_01Fitzgerald of CC Vending about the trends that he sees emerging in their region.

Q. What trends do you expect will have an impact on  your future business?

A. Regulations regarding products are going to affect trends. Packaging and labeling laws will have an impact on everyone: the manufacturer, the operator, and the consumer. The use of cashless payments will continue to increase, and we are also planning a heavy campaign with our clients to sign people up for the USConnect programs.  We also expect that clients will continue to ask for more healthy choices, but the ultimate consumer will continue to purchase traditional snacks.

Q. How does CC Vending distinguish itself in its market?

A. Technology, definitely—In our market, we are known for our use of technology. There is no other company in the metro New York area using telemetry or cashless on a large-scale basis.  We are also closing in on 4,000 SEED devices and 1,000 cashless units in the field.

We are also known as the exclusive provider to both New York City Public Schools and the New York City Health and Hospitals Corporation.

Q. What products are popular in your region?

A. Wise and Utz salty snacks are popular here, but I don’t see them often outside the metropolitan area. We have also rolled out a number of beverages developed specifically to meet the nutrition standards for the New York City Public Schools.  These products, made specifically for us, include Sonu, Lazy Town, and our newest brand, 2B Beverages.  We operate 2500 beverage machines in about 1000 NYC schools, and are expanding these offerings to other districts and health care facilities.

Q. To your customer, how would you summarize what your business is about?

A. CC Vending today is about the same ideas as when we started our business with one machine.  We listen to our customers and deliver what they want. Why just meet their expectations when you can exceed them?