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Office Coffee Services

Nothing starts the workday like the intoxicating aroma and heady flavor of a great cup of coffee. From a mellow doughnut shop blend, to the boldest dark roast, USConnect® office coffee services bring the coffee shop experience to your company!

Our office coffee services are extremely flexible, with coffee selections and equipment options to accommodate companies (and budgets) of every size. Whether you prefer craft roasts, espresso-based drinks, flavors and toppings, or just good old-fashioned favorites, we have you covered!

We know, too, that brewers play an important role in achieving that perfect cup. We supply a wide range of stylish, efficient self-serve coffee machines and beverage kiosks—bean-to-cup brewers, Keurig® Kcups, single-cup brewers, traditional drip brewers, coffee vending machines and more.  Best of all, we keep you fully stocked with the freshest coffee and all accompaniments—freeing you and your staff to enjoy a fresh cup while focusing on more important matters.

Sit Back and Relax...
We'll Handle Everything

With USConnect's office coffee services, you don't have to lift a finger. Our service team handles all aspects of keeping your breakroom coffee flowing... from ensuring you always have plenty of your chosen coffees and accompaniments to keeping the brewers clean and maintenanced. We'll provide everything from the cups to the stirrers, creamers, sweeteners, napkins, and if you want them, flavor syrups and other add-ins to personalize each cup.

Give Your Office Coffee Services an Upgrade!

Discover the difference exceptional coffee can make on your (and the team's) production, creativity and satisfaction. Just complete the brief form at right and we'll be in touch to discuss options and how to bring coffee services to your organization.

Exclusively Available through USConnect: Route 66® Coffees, Our Signature Roasts

Take a flavor escape with our uniquely American line of signature coffees, Route 66. Custom roasted for USConnect, Route 66® Coffees include 7 original roasts, each with a distinctive flavor profile.

Our original roasts include: California Blonde, Chicago Dark Roast, St. Louis Doughnut Shop Blend, Sonoran Desert Decaf, Rocky Mountain Columbian, and New Mexico Midnight Bold.

Don't miss our Scenic Stops Series, too. Scenic Stops feature special flavored coffees and teas for those times when you want something just a little different. Our featured Scenic Stops are: Colorado River Green Tea, Happy Trails Hazelnut, Trading Post French Vanilla, Campfire Cocoa, Chai Tea Latte and Salted Caramel Cappucino.