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USConnect® provides safe, contactless food service nationwide. In addition to a focus on the safety of our clients, we also provide the highest quality fresh food through our customized corporate cafes and catering, smart vending services, self-checkout micro markets, pantry, and office coffee services.

Comprised of the industry's leading independent foodservice firms, USConnect® provides its clients with the very latest in employee food service options and its proprietary loyalty and promotional program—all while serving the freshest, healthiest foods designed to meet your company's demanding foodservice needs.


We Innovate Contactless Food Service

From our smartphone screen emulators to the LYNK® contactless payment devices and Savant® smart locking coolers, we've been at the forefront of safe breakroom technology.

The Experience You Need, Service You Can Trust

Our network is comprised of the industry's leading independent operators, all of whom subscribe to our high standards and protocols for service.

Innovative Technology and the Latest Equipment

USConnect has not only utilized the latest technology but has also worked directly with the industry's leading manufacturers to develop equipment that transforms the customer experience.

Industry's Best Loyalty Rewards & Wellness Programs

We know that serving your team means more than just providing great food; we've developed our employee support programs to reward their loyalty and help them develop great wellness habits.

Enjoy Local Service
with International Coverage

USConnect is the American Division of GlobalConnect®

GlobalConnect is North America's leading foodservice provider. Trusted by titans of industry like Amazon, TMobile, American Express, and Walmart, its footprint spans The United States, Canada, and Mexico, and features the highest level of service, transparency, and quality in the industry. 

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