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Smart Vending Services

USConnect's smart, touch-free vending solutions will reshape your concept of vending! From our wide range of fresh food, snack and drink options to our safe, fully contactless ordering and payment process, you've never experienced vending like this before!

When it comes to great vending experiences, we know that having a fantastic selection, well-stocked, in clean machines that accept a variety of convenient payment options all factor in. We've pioneered the latest technology for our vending machines, so that we can provide even greater benefits - like dual-language capability for ordering and payment, loyalty rewards with every purchase, and integration with our health and wellness program to make it easy to identify healthier choices. 

Amazing Selection, Meticulously
Stocked and Maintained Machines

Have you ever wondered what the "Smart" in "Smart Vending" refers to? For USConnect® clients, it means that we use technology to ensure our vending machines are fully stocked with what sells the most, and operating in perfect working order.

How do we do that, when so many of our competitors can not? We have wirelessly connected all of our vending machines to our nationwide, integrated network so that we are able to continuously monitor the inventory levels of all products. We can also confirm proper operation of the machines, be alerted for maintenance needs, along with receiving real-time sales data. This information enables us to efficiently dispatch our service team with the right products for each location and informs our merchandising team so that we are offering meaningful promotions that are based on actual sales data.

Our real-time, smart connection to our equipment enables us to keep your equipment clean, working well and always stocked with your favorites so that all you have to worry about is which product to choose for your next break!


Upgrade your vending services...on us!

Find out how you can have us install our state-of-the-art smart vending machines at no cost to your company. Just complete the brief form at right to get the ball rolling, and we'll be in touch to learn more about your company and breakroom services needs.