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Dining & Catering

Exceptional meals fuel exceptional results... as well as happy associates. Our corporate cafes provide restaurant-quality meals, crafted by our professional chefs, and made with fresh, healthy ingredients prepared on-site. In today's competitive environment for recruiting and retaining top talent, USConnect's dining services give you an advantage. Not only are you able to deliver cuisine that resonates with the diverse, sophisticated tastes of the workforce, but you are providing a great space for collaboration and the cultivation of team morale.  

Cuisine Worth Coming to Work For

Our dining services truly deliver what can only be called craft food experiences. For example, our signature smoker program features on-site smoking of meats, along with the ability to infuse them with flavors from hardwoods such as hickory, oak, maple, apple, cherry, mesquite and pecan. This enables us to offer items like house-made bacon and sausage to richly-infused smokehouse chicken, beef, pork, turkey and duck—as entrees, and as ingredients in other featured recipes. 

Our signature programs encompass a wide range of popular cuisines, as well as regional and ethnically-inspired choices like our Sushi Shop, Copper Kettle soups and chilis, craft pizza station, signature salads and more. No matter if your tastes run simple or sophisticated, one thing is certain: your team has never had an at-work experience like ours!

Catering for Your Whole Campus

USConnect specializes in supporting your campus with comprehensive catering services. Whether you are hosting an executive dinner, special occasion, feeding the entire campus, or just serving the needs of basic meetings, we have you covered. Our menus range from sublime plated fare to simple boxed lunches—all of which feature restaurant-quality meal choices, ready and served on schedule. 

In addition to delicious fare, you'll also appreciate our consistent, professional service level. From our professional chefs and service team to our easy ordering process and convenient invoicing, we have fine-tuned all aspects of our catering services. We have also invested in technology that bridges our catering and dining services, providing you with seamless integration and conveniences like ordering from your smartpone.

Elevate Your Corporate Cafe & Catering Services

Want to explore options for corporate cafes and onsite dining services? We'd love to have a conversation to learn more about your needs and how we can delight your associates and guests with exceptional dining experiences. Just complete the brief form at right and we'll be in touch.