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Holiday Leftovers: a Recipe Roundup

By the third day after Thanksgiving, everyone is sick of turkey sandwiches. With more holidays in front of us, we need some fresh ideas on what to do with our leftover holiday food. We’ve scoured the latest recipes to bring you this roundup of the most delicious things to do with that turkey and fixings.

Need some inspiration for those holiday leftovers?

  1. Lighten Up: A twist on traditional tacos, this healthy recipe for turkey tacos uses iceberg lettuce leaves instead of tortillas as a wrap for turkey, sweet potatoes, cranberry sauce, and a savory black bean salsa. Finish with red onion and cilantro for brightness, and you’ve got the perfect recipe to eat turkey without the food coma.
  2. Take Stock: Do not throw out that turkey carcass! Throw it into a pot with some carrots, celery, and onion. Pour water and/or chicken broth over the bones and vegetables and let simmer for at least four hours (eight is preferable). Strain the bones from the top, and you’ve got a rich, healthy stock that you can use for soups and sauces or freeze for future use.
  3. Greek System: You know that turkey stock you just made? Use it to make this delicious Avgolemono: a creamy Greek soup with turkey, lemon, and rice. It’s light, too; the creaminess comes from eggs, not cream. It’s easy to make, and much more elegant than regular turkey noodle soup.
  4. Spice It Up: You can use that same rich turkey stock to make another light and flavorful soup: Turkey Caldo Tlalpeño, named for the area near Mexico City. This recipe includes healthy chickpeas and uses chipotle chiles in adobo sauce to get its unique flavor.
  5. Stellar Stuffing: We’ve given you four healthy recipes; now here’s a decadent one. Turn your leftover stuffing into fried stuffing bites, and use your leftover cranberry sauce as a dip. Stuffing is formed into cubes, dredged in egg and breadcrumbs, and fried on the stove: not healthy, but delicious!

Bet on Bottled Water

Wondering about the best bet for the beverage vending machine? Bet on bottled water again this year, as it continues to enjoy robust sales and market growth. A 2015 report from market research firm Beverage Marketing Corporation (BMC) shows that the consumption of bottled water jumped over seven percent last year to a record high of 10.9 billion gallons; that’s 34 gallons per capita!

why bottled water is the best for beverage consumption. again.

Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) plastic bottles of still water(plain water) remain dominant in the market, with a growth rate of 6.2 percent. But it’s the sparkling and mineral water segment that has shown the most growth: 16.2 percent through July 2015. Tellingly, market research firm Canadean predicts that within the next four years, packaged water will overtake carbonated soft drinks (CSDs) as the highest volume beverage category.

The decline in carbonated soft drinks is part of a ten-year downward trend in the consumption of traditional sodas. As we have shared on our blog, both regular and diet sodas have been tied to significant problems, including obesity, metabolic syndrome, and a higher risk of strokes. Greater awareness of the health risks of excessive soda-drinking, whether diet or full-sugar, has driven consumers away from CSDs and toward bottled waters.

The same health-consciousness that has reduced soda consumption has prompted the rise of flavored, enhanced, and functional waters. Many flavored waters now boast only a touch of flavor, as opposed to earlier iterations that contained almost as much sugar or sweetener as a traditional carbonated soft drink. Consumers are favoring lighter flavors with no added sugar or sweetener: truly the equivalent of dropping a slice of lemon or cucumber into a bottle of water. Functional waters, on the other hand, contain ingredients like electrolytes or vitamins that provide an extra health benefit.

When planning what beverages to make available to employees, make sure to take these trends into account; fewer sodas and more waters are the wave of the future.