It’s Not Always Healthier to Bring a Lunch from Home

For years, pundits have been trumpeting the health value of bringing a lunch from home instead of buying greasy, calorie-laden meals at work. And indeed, a healthy salad brought from home is a better choice than a fast-food burger any day. However, the equation is not as simple as “lunch from home = good, lunch from work = bad.” Common sense tells us that it’s the content of the meal that counts, not its provenance.

US Connect’s healthy options make it easier than ever before to eat a healthy meal at work. From gourmet sandwiches to power-green salads and super fruits, US Connect’s systems provide many ways to get the nutrients you need while enjoying delicious food.

lunch from home may not be the healthier option

And how about that food from home? While there is not a current study on lunches brought to work from home, a 2014 study at Baylor University found some surprising statistics about lunches that kids brought to school instead of eating the school lunch. Lunches brought from home had 88 percent fewer servings of vegetables and 40 percent fewer servings of fruit than school lunches, not to mention almost double the sodium allowed in school lunches. Lunches brought from home also frequently contained desserts and high-sugar drinks, neither of which is provided at school.

Obviously, adults are more in control of their own eating habits than children, who are subject to the choices of their parents and their school cafeterias. But the takeaway from the Baylor study should inform adults’ choices for their own meals as well. Bringing a microwavable meal from home may well be a significantly less healthy option than the ones offered by US Connect workplaces. US Connect’s The Right Choice … for a Healthier You™ program can help you make better nutritional choices without sacrificing the convenience of a workplace meal.

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