Cantaloupe Systems Enables Apple Pay Acceptance on All Seed Cashless™ Installations

Cantaloupe Systems, the vending industry’s premier provider of cloud-based, mobile technologies and a strategic supplier of USConnect, recently announced support for   Apple Pay, the new contactless payment capability of Apple’s iPhone 6 smartphones.

Apple Pay will be supported by all machines running Seed Cashless™, the fastest growing card and mobile payments solution for vending. Accepting Apple Pay will require no hardware upgrade and no additional cost to vending operators utilizing Seed Cashless.

Apple Pay uses Near-Field Communication (NFC) technology to communicate securely with the Seed Cashless card reader. Leading Android mobile payment apps like Google Wallet and Softcard® also use NFC. Seed Cashless has always included NFC capability in every card reader, and Seed Cashless cloud services are optimized for mobile transactions. This means that Seed Cashless operators don’t have to worry about expensive upgrades to enable mobile payments. Instead, mobile payments will just work on Seed Cashless.

Apple Pay

Although Seed Cashless supports a wide range of mobile payment options, Seed Cashless also accepts traditional magnetic stripe credit or debit cards. This flexibility ensures that consumers can gradually migrate from plastic to mobile at their own pace, and ensures that operators capture the maximum possible cashless sales during the gradual transition from card to mobile payments.

To use Apple Pay, consumers will need an iPhone 6 device with the software update that Apple released in October 2014. Cantaloupe Systems expects operators to see significant payment volume from Apple Pay starting with the 2014 holiday season.

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