4 Tips for Eating Healthier in the Summer

Healthier Food Options for the Summer

It’s summertime, and the living is easy. Maybe a little bit too easy, especially for vacationers who tend to throw all caution to the wind and eat whatever they want when they are away from their routine. While the danger of summer weight gain is especially sharp for children, adults, too, can be at risk for packing in the calories during the summer months. Here are some tips and tricks to keep you healthier—but still happy—this summer.

4 tips for healthier eating this summer

Don’t Eat: Mayonnaise-laden potato or pasta salad. Mayonnaise packs a fat wallop: 10 grams of fat and 90 calories per tablespoon.

Replace with: If you’re craving the starchy goodness of potato or pasta salad, replace the mayonnaise-based dressing with an olive oil-based one. To retain a creamy consistency, try adding some Greek yogurt to the mix.

Don’t Eat: Fried clams. This  beach-town favorite contains 500 calories and 26 grams of fat for just ¾ of a cup!

Replace with: Steamed clams. Clams are a great source of protein and vitamin B12, so you should still eat them—just avoid the deep fryer. Steamed clams are traditionally served with drawn butter (melted butter), which should obviously be consumed sparingly.

Don’t Eat: Ice cream sandwiches. An unknown New York (genius) pushcart vendor invented the ice cream sandwich in 1899 when he served vanilla ice cream between two graham crackers. The treat has evolved since then, and it’s often a behemoth of two chocolate chip cookies surrounding a full serving of full-fat ice cream. These delicious sandwiches can contain 500 calories and loads of saturated fat.

Replace with: Make-your-own ice cream sandwiches. By choosing smaller portion sizes and healthier ice cream and cookies, you can create a frozen treat that won’t break your diet. Graham crackers, the original “bread” of the original ice cream sandwich, make a great choice!

Don’t Drink: Sodas or sugar-laden juices and teas. As we’ve previously discussed, sodas are across the board unhealthy, and many juices and iced teas are loaded with sugar.

Replace with: Reach for water or unsweetened tea, especially during the hot summer months when dehydration threatens.


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