The Right Choice… for a Healthier You™

Eating the right foods can have a dramatic impact on your health, well-being and productivity. That’s why USConnect has developed a nutritional guidelines program emphasizing sensible nutrition choices, education, and a healthy, active lifestyle.

These guidelines follow the recommendations of a number of leading medical health agencies for the prevention of chronic illnesses including heart disease, diabetes, obesity, and hypertension. Managed by our staff dietician, The Right Choice … for a Healthier You™ program offers per-serving nutritional guidelines for fresh food products sporting the apple heart logo. Each product’s nutritional information can be viewed on the vending machine′s touch screen before purchase.

Nutrition Facts

From fresh food vending selections, like chef salads, deli-style subs, and artisan sandwiches to healthy snacks like nuts, popcorn, and dried fruits, USConnect’s vending machines and Bistro To Go! offer a wide range of healthy choices. And if you want that occasional candy bar or soft drink, you can still indulge while keeping track of your calories using the touch screen to view the food’s nutritional information.

Healthy food selections encouraged by The Right Choice … for a Healthier You program are conveniently accessible through the USConnectMe card, an advanced rechargeable cashless payment system that earns employees loyalty rewards, and lets employees decide which charity in your community their purchases will help support. The USConnect Me card also gives you coupon-free, no-hassle monthly promotions and loyalty earnings available for tracking online or via email.

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