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Take a Tour of Route 66 Coffees!

Travel down Route 66 and discover flavorful coffees from all over the country with USConnect’s custom-roasted,  American heritage coffee line.
route 66 coffee

From the sunny shores of California to the Sonoran Desert to the heights of the Rocky Mountains to the Lone Star State, our Route 66 coffees will magically transport you from your desk to some of the most notable places of our great nation.

Take a tour down Route 66 every day, stopping to savor each of the distinctive flavors along the way. Route 66 offers four unique blends:

California Blonde

A light, sun-kissed roast

California Blonde is a light and lively, perfectly balanced cup that you can drink all day. Mild in flavor, with a light body and lively finish, California Blonde is as mellow as a day in the California sun.

Rocky Mountain Blend

The peak of flavor ­­– 100% Columbian

Flavor erupts from our Rocky Mountain Blend, a rare cup encompassing all of the qualities that first made Columbian coffee famous. Just like the heights of the Rockies, this blend is fresh and heady. You’ll have a 10,000-foot view of your day with this clean, mellow flavor balanced with a pleasant finish and distinctive aroma.

Lone Star Select Roast

An estate blend with the big, bold taste of Texas

Put some kick into your day with our Lone Star Select Roast. This 100% pure estate-grown coffee is as rich in flavor as the Texas soil. You’ll be transported to the ranch with the complex, pleasant aroma rising from your mug.

Sonoran Desert Decaf

A panoramic flavor experience

Take a trip to the Southwest with this seductive blend of our most flavorful coffees, where you’ll find a unique, rich flavor without the caffeine. We start with the finest Columbian and Central American coffees, then gently decaffeinate, blend, and roast them to perfection. You can enjoy this one all day long!

So take a coffee break and take a tour down Route 66.