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Make it Easy: Healthy Eating Choices Boost Employee Wellness Programs

Healthy Food, Healthy Workforce

Want a healthier workforce? Let health and wellness take the front seat by offering employees easy choices for a better lifestyle!

Making the Connection: Healthy Food, Healthy Workforce!The need for employee wellness programs is well documented, especially in the area of health and fitness. The sedentary nature of office work lends itself to job-related obesity, which can raise healthcare costs and reduce productivity. In addition, a 2015 CareerBuilder survey shows that work-related stress significantly raises employees’ tendency toward obesity. However, nutrition also plays a major role; many respondents reported eating at their desks, snacking, or eating out/takeout as contributors to weight gain.

These benefits of employee wellness programs are also well documented:

  • Decreased healthcare costs
  • Reduced absenteeism
  • Improved productivity
  • Reduced worker’s comp claims
  • Improved employee morale
  • Reduced turnover

The Right Choice… for a Healthier You

USConnect’s The Right Choice… for a Healthier You® program helps employees make better choices at mealtimes and for snacks, with per-serving nutritional guidelines for fresh food products that meet our healthy standards. Managed by USConnect’s staff nutritionist, these guidelines follow the recommendations of a number of leading medical health agencies for the prevention of chronic illnesses including heart disease, diabetes, obesity, and hypertension. USConnect’s Bistro To Go!® Kiosks make fresh, healthy options available every day to help combat the poor nutrition that often accompanies office work.

In early 2016, USConnect introduced its USConnectMe app, which puts healthy eating right at the tip of employees’ fingertips. The app, which incorporates the USConnectMe loyalty program, gives users not only the chance to review The Right Choice for a Healthier You® options, but also access The Right Choice for a Healthier You® videos. These videos feature tips and recipes from our registered dietician and are only available to employees at businesses that partner with USConnect.

One of the most frequent reasons that employees don’t take advantage of their companies’ health and wellness programs is that it’s too much work. USConnect’s The Right Choice for a Healthier You® program makes it easier for employees to make better choices, and helps your health and wellness programs to be a success.


The Right Choice… for a Healthier You™

Eating the right foods can have a dramatic impact on your health, well-being and productivity. That’s why USConnect has developed a nutritional guidelines program emphasizing sensible nutrition choices, education, and a healthy, active lifestyle.

These guidelines follow the recommendations of a number of leading medical health agencies for the prevention of chronic illnesses including heart disease, diabetes, obesity, and hypertension. Managed by our staff dietician, The Right Choice … for a Healthier You™ program offers per-serving nutritional guidelines for fresh food products sporting the apple heart logo. Each product’s nutritional information can be viewed on the vending machine′s touch screen before purchase.

Nutrition Facts

From fresh food vending selections, like chef salads, deli-style subs, and artisan sandwiches to healthy snacks like nuts, popcorn, and dried fruits, USConnect’s vending machines and Bistro To Go! offer a wide range of healthy choices. And if you want that occasional candy bar or soft drink, you can still indulge while keeping track of your calories using the touch screen to view the food’s nutritional information.

Healthy food selections encouraged by The Right Choice … for a Healthier You program are conveniently accessible through the USConnectMe card, an advanced rechargeable cashless payment system that earns employees loyalty rewards, and lets employees decide which charity in your community their purchases will help support. The USConnect Me card also gives you coupon-free, no-hassle monthly promotions and loyalty earnings available for tracking online or via email.

Learn more or see monthly promotions at www.usconnectme.com.

Making the Right Choice

Supporting Corporate Wellness


The Right Choice… For a Healthier You program developed by USConnect identifies healthier choices to support employee health and wellness. The Right Choice program encourages employees to choose vending and cafeteria selections that meet the research-based nutritional recommendations of major health organizations, including the American Medical Association and the American Diabetes Association. The Right Choice program has established guidelines for beverages, snacks, and entrees, and consumers can find these selections by looking for the Right Choice logo.

USConnect members not only have access to the database of Right Choice selections, but also to training for their staff and sales team on how to support corporate wellness efforts.  Clients also have direct access to USConnect’s staff dietician, Carmen Gorniak, and can email her directly to ask questions about the Right Choice program: what breakfast options are lowest in cholesterol? Are any gluten-free snacks available through this vending machine? This service allows USConnect to listen to and meet employees’ needs.  Carmen also publishes a monthly newsletter with healthy suggestions and resources for employees.

The Right Choice program can also help members identify new products.  For example, breakfast bars are a newer offering that are a good source of both fiber and carbohydrates, and they can fill a variety of needs. Some employees are looking for breakfast on the go, while others are looking for sports nutrition to fuel up before or after a workout.  Others are just looking for a snack that tastes good, but has less sugar, and these products can fill all three of these needs. The Right Choice program can help develop the right product for your own commissary or find a comparable product for vending.

Whether the Right Choice program serves as a complement to an existing wellness program, or is the beginning of an employer’s efforts to promote healthier choices, the program can be tailored to the employees. Whether that means lower sodium and lower fat choices, or introducing new beverage selections that have less sugar, the program offers a variety of approaches to meet the needs of clients and their employees.