Technology, Customer Service, and Coney Island Hot Dogs

Talking with Jeffrey Smith of All-Star Services

Q. How long has All-Star Services been in this business?

A. We have been incorporated since 1963—that’s 50 years.  We’ve also been involved with USConnect since the beginning. Our company was a member of VMI (Vend Marketing Institute) where several of the conceptual marketing

Jeffrey Smith - President/CEO of All-Star Services in Port Huron, Michigan
Jeffrey Smith – President/CEO of All-Star Services in Port Huron, Michigan

concepts were created, such as “Sprout,” “The Right Choice for You,” and “The Right Choice for Earth.”

Q. What trends do you see emerging for 2014?

First, cashless vending is a key component.  Our sales have continued to grow in each location as we install devices on all of our machines.  Second, the concept of loyalty rewards is becoming accepted as our customers are constantly looking for means for savings and value.  Third, we see the growth continuing with the micro-market concept.  Where we have installed the retail sites, our sales have increased considerably, especially with regard to fresh food sales.

Q. What about your business makes you stand out from others in this field?

A. Our business strives to blend the benefits of cutting edge, industry-leading technology with outstanding and dedicated customer service.

Q. Would you share an example of how you’ve used technology to grow your business?

A. Recently, we were able to sit down with a customer and analyze up to the minute sales reports in an effort to modify the machine offerings to best suit their preferences.  This meeting allowed us to expand space on products that were in high demand, and offer different selections in place of the products that were performing at a lower level.  This use of technology to enhance our customer service allows our customers to see that their feedback is heard, discussed, and implemented into our service model.

Q. And finally, what are the local favorite food and beverage choices for your clients in southeastern and mid-Michigan?

A. Coney Island Hot Dogs, which are hot dogs with a chili sauce, onions, and mustard, and Faygo beverages, particularly “Red Pop.”


Jeffrey Smith is the President/CEO of All-Star Services in Port Huron, Michigan. 





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