Do You Know Your State Snack?

Many people are familiar with their state flower, or maybe their state bird (hint: the cardinal, the mockingbird, and the Western Meadowlark all have at least five states as their “official” home). However, did you know that many states have their own official food? The following list shows the official snacky foods for each state:

Alabama (state nut): pecanofficial-state-snacks

Arkansas (state fruit): tomato

California (state fruit): avocado

Colorado (state pastry): cinnamon roll

Connecticut (state cookie): Snickerdoodle

Florida (state pie): key lime pie

Georgia (state prepared food): grits

Hawaii (state muffin): coconut muffin

Idaho (state food): potato

Illinois (state snack): popcorn

Indiana (state pie): sugar cream pie

Kentucky (state fruit): blackberry

Louisiana (state fruit): strawberry

Maine (state treat): whoopie pie

Maryland (state food): blue crabs

Massachusetts (state doughnut): Boston cream doughnut

Minnesota (state muffin): blueberry muffin

Missouri (state dessert): ice cream cone

Nebraska (state soft drink): Kool-Aid

New Hampshire (state fruit): pumpkin

New Jersey (state fruit): blueberry

New Mexico (state cookie): bizcochito

New York (state snack): yogurt

North Carolina (state fruit): Scuppernong grape

North Dakota (state fruit): chokecherry

Ohio (state beverage): tomato juice

Oklahoma (state treat): cornbread

Oregon (state nut): hazelnut

Pennsylvania (state cookie): chocolate chip cookie

Rhode Island (state drink): coffee milk

South Carolina (state snack): boiled peanuts

South Dakota (state bread): frybread

Tennessee (state fruit): tomato

Texas (state snack): tortilla chips and salsa

Utah (state snack): Jell-O

Vermont (state flavor): maple

Virginia (state muffin): blueberry muffin

Washington (state vegetable): Walla Walla sweet onion

West Virginia (state fruit): Golden Delicious apple

Wisconsin (state pastry): kringle

What can you do with this seemingly useless information? Make at-work dining more fun by challenging your co-workers to a scavenger hunt; see who can find the most state foods during the course of a week! Yogurt (New York) is always easy to find at our Bistro To Go™ kiosks, and do any of our fruit drinks contain chokecherry (North Dakota)? How about a nice Cobb salad with avocado (California) or a golden delicious apple as a snack (West Virginia)? Don’t go too heavy on the Boston cream doughnut (Massachusetts) as you eat your way around the country at work!

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